A dream

on March 3, 2015

Yesterday, a dream woke me.  It was early, very early for me as I keep my drowsy self in bed til mid-morning to some. But the dream…yes, I wanted to capture it, contain and record it, for it was important.  My protagonist is beginning to live in my dreamworld.  The dream was of her, or was it me, or both.  They say that everything and everyone in your dream is a representation of you.  So is she, me or me, her? Is this a dream or is it becoming real?   Am I losing myself or is she just becoming more real?

Regardless, the major bits of the dream unfolded on the page like a story.  Then it became ragged, which way to go?  Too many possibilities, or not enough.  How do I end this?  Hum, interesting.  I seem to have problems deciding where to begin the novel during my daylight hours.

I decided to let it go. The story/dream, that is.  If it wants to stay, it’s very welcome.  It could work in the book, with some tweaking.  Just come back when you’re ready…. I’ll be here, writing.


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