on February 16, 2014

I’ve been writing some, but not nearly enough.  I started another 50,000 words challenge this month, but soon realized that I just wasn’t prepared to write the story.  I’m still in research phase.  It’s mid-way through the month, and I’ve just entered all of the data that I’ve retrieved from my research.  I’ve found missing bits that I need for the story, historical references for fashions, cars, technology, crops, and even the topographical data that is needed to make the story work.

Then I listen to other readers or read stories on other blogs and get frustrated or intimidated & fearful. Am I just fooling myself? Why do I believe that my story needs telling? The doubting thoughts arise and I felt like a fraud, yet again.

 I know that I have what it takes to become an author. It’s not just a silly illusion. But, it is unfamiliar and it’s been quite some time that I’ve been a novice. The challenge is to continue to be kind to myself as I move through this change and grow into the vision I have of myself.


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