Next Chapter

on December 6, 2013

I resigned from my day job today. Funny to call it my day job as it had invaded my life. I even dreamt about work, almost every night and while on vacation. I don’t know that it should be classified as work since it was so insidious and pervasive. Maybe it was one of the levels of Dante’s Inferno. Whatever it was, it’s almost over and I can reclaim my life once more.

I really didn’t know what to do with myself when I got home. I didn’t feel like calling anyone to share my good news. Although, I’m sure there are several people who would be interested. I didn’t feel like making art or writing. Now, that’s odd because I’ve been so impatient to get to that space and have the time to create. I didn’t feel like reading.

I just wanted to be for awhile. To simply float, mindless. My brain has been so active for so long, actually, hyperactive. I don’t really want to move on to the next bit, but to simply relax. There’s enough time to do that for now. The decisions can come later.


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